3 Signs It Is Time to Consider Replacing the Roof

The average shingle roof will last 20 to 25 years. This means if a home was built before 1995, there is a good chance the roof needs to be replaced. But, how is a Raleigh homeowner supposed to know if their roof is ready to be replaced?

As the owner of Carey Roofing in Willow Springs, we help our clients answer this question every day. And we love sharing our quick tips with homeowners across the Raleigh area.

3 signs that a Raleigh home needs a new roof are:

  1. Check the Attic: The attic is one of the least visited room in the entire house. But, any homeowner can quickly head up to the attic to see the underside of the roof. Take a flashlight with you and see if it shines through the eaves. If it does, it might be time for a new roof.
  2. Head Outside: Head out to the street and look up at the roof. Are there any loose or missing shingles? Are there any growths like funguses on the roof? Are there vines covering shingles? That’s a great sign that it is time for a new roof.
  3. Discoloration: If you look at the shingles and they look discolored, that is a good sign that it has been around a long time. The more discoloration that you see, the more of a sign that it could be time for a new roof.

Did you just go look for these items? Are you now worried it is time for a new roof? Don’t panic.

Our team at Carey Roofing would love to come out, inspect the roof, and make an action plan with you. Contact us today to get started setting up a time.