4 Things to Consider When Getting Solar Panels on Your Roof

The prices of solar panels are continuously falling, meaning that homeowners are seeing larger benefits to installing them. As more homeowners are getting these solar panels installed, they are starting to notice the concerns that come with putting this technology on their roof.

The Carey Roofing team has been building and protecting homes throughout the Willow Springs area of NC. Your roof does more than just cover your head, it protects your home.

4 questions homeowners need to ask when getting solar panels are:

  1. How old is your roof? Homeowners have to consider how much time is left before they need to start looking at roof repairs. To have solar panels put up when it would have to be taken down and reinstall 3 years later is a loss. The reinstallation would be thousands of dollar versus either waiting or getting the roof replacement earlier.
  2. Who is installing the solar panels? Many homes are suffering from poor solar panel installs that lead to leaks in their roof. These leaks can lead to a number of issues later on, so ensure that your installer is experienced, has great reviews, and is using the right flashing or caulk for your roof.
  3. Will this void the roof’s warranty? In most cases, the answer is no. If the answer is otherwise, homeowners need to check with their solar panel installer or provider to see what type of warranties come with their product.
  4. What type of solar system is being installed? There are 3 main types of residential solar installations: grid inter-tied power systems, grid inter-tied with battery backup, and off grid power. Each of these have benefits and drawbacks. The main consideration many weight between is reliability and upkeep of extra parts.

There is a lot to consider when looking at solar panels and your roof. If you have any questions about your roof, contact our experts at Carey Roofing.